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Hi, I am Sherry Li. I am a senior majoring in Supply Chain Management in the Broad College of Business and I enjoy free writing. I find writing to be very relaxing and it gives me the freedom to live the way I want. During my time in my creative writing class, I learned many... Continue Reading →

Perfect Planet

Hi everyone, my name is Leah Wright and I'm a junior at MSU studying Professional Writing and English with creative writing. This is a nonfiction piece I wrote for a class last semester while I was also in a class about sustainability. Mainly, I wrote to just explore my thoughts and concerns about climate change.... Continue Reading →


Hello all! My name is Ri'An Jackson and currently I am a second- year student majoring in Journalism with minors in Creative Writing and Public Relations. I tend to write fiction mostly, but in terms of journalistic writing, I like to write feature articles. This is a piece I wrote in my Intro to Creative... Continue Reading →

An Arthurian Knight

Hi, I am Sayem Lincoln. I mostly write about graphic novel narratives; this piece of mine details the travelling of a simple man who becomes an Arthurian Knight. Hope you like it. My name is Lionel Branor, I was raised by my parents in a very modest way of life. I was told by my... Continue Reading →

New Issue of The Offbeat

Hey all, my name is Lauren Tiedje. I'm a soon-to-be graduating senior with a double major in English, Creative Writing Concentration and Professional Writing, Editing & Publishing Concentration (mouth full I know). Aside from my usual thrill of writing, I am an editor and general staff member for The Offbeat, an MSU-based literary journal focused... Continue Reading →

Creative Non-Fiction: Black Ice

Hey everyone! My name is Kyle Lewis, and I am currently a junior studying Marketing in The Broad College of Business and pursuing a minor in creative writing. This is a piece I wrote about a pretty scary event in my life that happened about 3 years ago. I hope you enjoy. Black Ice Tuesday,... Continue Reading →

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