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Hello! My name is Molly Moline and I am a senior who is about to graduate as an English major and with a film studies minor. This is a short nonfiction piece I wrote about the dumb struggles of being an adult. Because I am an adult, I go to the grocery store alone. Because... Continue Reading →

Grim Tombstone

Hi, y'all! I'm Cole Tunningley, a senior Creative Writing major. I work for Impact 89 FM as the news director. This is a nonfiction essay. All of it is true. Grim Tombstone told absurd lies. Last I talked to him, he was getting a new car and a job by next Saturday. Brandon kicked him... Continue Reading →


Hi, my name is Katlyn Hallengren and I am a senior at Michigan State. I am majoring in English with a creative writing concentration and a minor in Graphic Design. This piece I wrote for my fiction class. It is a short story in which I plan to make into a long piece for my... Continue Reading →

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