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New Issue of The Offbeat

Hey all, my name is Lauren Tiedje. I’m a soon-to-be graduating senior with a double major in English, Creative Writing Concentration and Professional Writing, Editing & Publishing Concentration (mouth full I know). Aside from my usual thrill of writing, I am an editor and general staff member for The Offbeat, an MSU-based literary journal focused on the unconventional and zany.

The latest issue of The Offbeat is out today! Yes today! Our staff of a handful of diverse students in Professional Writing, English, even Advertising is proud to release our Spring 2019 volume themed “Household Appliances”. If the cover featuring a flowering toaster doesn’t get you hooked, hopefully a few pieces will. A personal favorite is by Connard Hogan titled “Bach Roman Day (Back in Roman Day)”. It’s a conceptual piece, one way to describe it, featuring only last names out of a phone book to form a lose story of a Roman orgy. If that is not your cup of tea how about “The Steak” by Thea Boodhoo where a couple’s dinner comes to life and runs out the door? If you need a good laugh or a bizarre sprinkle to your otherwise boring life, read The Offbeat. The journal has a strange, but lovely readership that we’d love you to join! Think about it. For the price of a probably sub-par dinner at a chain restaurant you could have a journal that’s bound to give you the most perplexing conversation starter your friends have heard in probably months. Game of Thrones or Avengers: Endgame just might be the talk of the world, but try asking someone how they’d react if their dinner returned to life instead of their favorite character.


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