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Professionalization in Creative Writing

On November 21st, I attended Dr. Walton Muyumba’s talk on Professionalization in Creative Writing. This presentation also included a conversation about applying for an MFA. As the director of the Creative Writing program at Indiana University, Dr. Muyumba had extensive advice, counsel, and information for many of us junior and seniors considering this next educational... Continue Reading →

Amalia Ortiz

            On November 11th, the College of Arts and Letters was fortunate enough to host a performance by Amalia Ortiz—accomplished writer, actor, and activist—at the Broad Art Lab. Ortiz received her MFA in Creative Writing from the University of Texas-Rio Grande Valley, and although she has resided in several places in the US, she currently... Continue Reading →

Live Lit

         Live Lit took place on October 29th in the Lookout! Gallery of Snyder-Philips Hall. As a first time speaker and a second time attendee, I was filled with both anticipation and excitement for the event. Also reading at the event were fellow Arts and Letters students Cassandra Bloomingdale and Hannah Ramirez. Bloomingdale performed a... Continue Reading →

Interview: Teresa Milbrodt

            On October 7th, the Creative Writing Program put on a faculty reading that took place in the LookOut! Gallery of Snyder-Phillips Hall. The two faculty readers included Kate Birdsall and Teresa Milbrodt.             I had the pleasure of sitting down with Teresa Milbrodt a few weeks prior to the reading. Milbrodt is originally from... Continue Reading →

Wednesday Night Live

Climbing PoeTree             On September 18th, I attended the Residential College in the Arts and Humanities kick-off Wednesday Night Live event. The RCAH Theater puts on WNL, a literary twist on Saturday Night Live, several times throughout the school year, featuring various artists and documentaries, and fostering conversation.             Climbing PoeTree were the featured artists... Continue Reading →

The Robin Theatre

The Poetry Room On September 10th, I had the pleasure of attending the Robin Theatre’s Open Mic event, Rewrite. Located just south of downtown Lansing, REO town stands as a district booming with art and culture. From the quaint diners, to the colorful wall murals, to the theatre itself, this town seems to welcome artists... Continue Reading →


Welcome fellow creative writing enthusiasts! My name is Madeline, and I'm currently a senior in the College of Arts and Letters. My major is English, but my first love has always been writing. This semester, I'm taking on the role of blogger, and am hopefully going to provide you all with some interesting content about... Continue Reading →


Hello! My name is Molly Moline and I am a senior who is about to graduate as an English major and with a film studies minor. This is a short nonfiction piece I wrote about the dumb struggles of being an adult. Because I am an adult, I go to the grocery store alone. Because... Continue Reading →

Grim Tombstone

Hi, y'all! I'm Cole Tunningley, a senior Creative Writing major. I work for Impact 89 FM as the news director. This is a nonfiction essay. All of it is true. Grim Tombstone told absurd lies. Last I talked to him, he was getting a new car and a job by next Saturday. Brandon kicked him... Continue Reading →


Hi, my name is Katlyn Hallengren and I am a senior at Michigan State. I am majoring in English with a creative writing concentration and a minor in Graphic Design. This piece I wrote for my fiction class. It is a short story in which I plan to make into a long piece for my... Continue Reading →

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